You can feel how much music Jess has in her heart. Every song she writes comes from a place of depth, thoughtfulness, and authenticity. She isn’t afraid to break barriers and explore new styles, showcasing the power of her talent to shine across multiple genres. The subtlety and nuance of her pitch-locked vocal delivery and her impeccable rhythm and timing make my job as a producer easy—it’s an honor and a joy to have the opportunity to align with her creative vision and bring her music to life.” - Derik Nelson (Olympia, Washington)
The beautiful oxymoron of Jess Pillay's music is that it's both deeply personal and wonderfully communal.  While her writing is introspective, thoughtful, and autobiographical, Jess always approaches her work with a focus on others.  Whether it's writing a song with the express goal of encouraging people who are struggling, or always seizing the opportunity to bring other artists and friends into her creative process, Jess's attitude towards art is refreshingly selfless.  She writes and sings for those around her without ever losing her authenticity in the process.” - Sam Cook-Stuntz (Seattle, Washington)
Jess' passion for music and emotions really come through in her music and lyrics. She can make you feel what she felt while writing a song. Her music and captivating voice compliment each other well.” - Sarah G. (Ontario, Canada)
I've been lucky enough to attend two of Jess Pillay's shows now and all I can say is: girl got soul. My wife and I think she sounds like a bluesy Adele. We're very excited to see what's next because she is producing some incredible music!” - Sam & Oxana S. (Richfield, Minnesota)
I constantly have her melodies stuck in my head and, for the record, I like having them there.” - Wes Speight (Seattle, Washington)
Jess has such a rich sound, and her songwriting goes deep. Her music is moving and a joy to hear.” - Sarah K. (Los Angeles, California)